Undergraduate Catalog

The UCF Undergraduate Catalog is compiled, edited, and published each May by the Registrar’s Office. An abridged version is available online, and the entire document, as well as each individual degree program, can be downloaded in PDF format. In addition, the Advising Guide offers students the opportunity to create a PDF document tailor-made for them with essential information concerning their degree programs, colleges, and official UCF policies. Students interested in information regarding graduate programs should refer to the Graduate Catalog.

Academic Calendar

The Registrar’s Office manages the official Academic Calendar, which contains the dates and times for all registration periods, application deadlines, holidays, special events, and more. You can filter the calendar, save it, or subscribe to it!

Final Exam Schedule Search

Use the search to specify your class meeting pattern, class start time, and class end time in order to find your Final Exam date, day, and time. If you do not see your specific information listed, please contact us via our Contact Form. Finals for Saturday classes are held during regular class meeting times on the Saturday during Final Exam week.


The Registrar’s Office works with the Office of the President and many other UCF departments to coordinate the commencement ceremonies. The office prepares the Commencement Program and is responsible for the Commencement website.

How to Access Student Records

Student records, including Transcripts and Grades, are only available through myUCF. Included in this page are instructions for accessing those records. These steps will allow you 24/7 access to your own records.

Registration Overview

The Registration Overview shows you, step-by-step, how to search for open classes and register for those classes.

Excess Credit Hour Surcharge

In 2009, the Florida Legislature implemented Section 1009.286, Florida Statutes to encourage students to complete their baccalaureate degree as quickly and efficiently as possible and established an Excess Credit Hour Surcharge. The bill requires universities to add a surcharge to each credit hour taken in excess of the total number of credit hours required to complete the degree being pursued.

Registration Waitlist

A registration waitlist is an electronic process that auto-enrolls students in closed classes as seats become available. This enables students to get into the classes they want without having to continuously check for possible openings. Waitlists operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so this process ensures that students who enroll sooner have a better chance of getting into a closed course.

Student Rights to Privacy (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, or FERPA, is the United States federal law that protects student records privacy review and disclosure rights. The law guarantees these rights for both current and former UCF students.

State Restrictions on Online Enrollments

Due to restrictive state regulations, UCF is not permitted to provide online courses or instruction to students in the states listed below. If you currently reside in one of these states, you may not be permitted to enroll in an online class or be admitted to a UCF online program.

Multiple Term Registration

Multiple Term Registration allows all undergraduate students to register for Summer and Fall terms at the same time. Students who, as of February 1, have declared a major and have a UCF GPA of 3.5 or higher, will have the opportunity to register for the Spring term at the same time as the Summer and Fall terms.

Veterans Academic Resource Center

The Veterans Academic Resource Center, or VARC, serves all student veterans and eligible dependents that are using VA educational benefits to further their education. The VARC provides information concerning entitlements, the filing of claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), the certification of enrollment at the University, and the deferment of tuition and fee payments. It provides study space and lounge space as well as access to a number of university offices in one central location.

Classroom Scheduling

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for arranging and scheduling UCF’s hundreds of classrooms located throughout the campus. In addition, Registered Student Organizations, faculty and staff members, and thesis defense committees can reserve a room through the Classroom Reservation Form.

Student Records Training

The Registrar’s Office provides training to UCF faculty and staff on a variety of topics related to student records including pertinent privacy laws (FERPA). Courses are administered both online as well as through face-to-face classroom sessions.

myKnight Audit

As part of the university’s ongoing efforts to provide improvements in services for our constituents, we are working together with programs, colleges and Computer Services to provide a tool that will enhance the student’s advising experience. Degree and certificate seeking students will be able to retrieve a real-time status of their academic career progress in myUCF where the DARS audit currently is located.

Online Grade Changes

Online grading instructions for faculty, department chairs and deans.

HEA Student Access to Information

Students are entitled to receive the information below per the provisions of the Higher Education Act (668.41). Students may request printed copies of the information from the appropriate office. Refer inquiring students to the appropriate source or office, as follows:

Florida State University System Post Graduation Employment Outcomes and Economic Security

These reports focus on the median first-year earnings of recent graduates of Florida four-year institutions with the first-year earnings for graduates of specific degree programs at specific colleges and universities. They also present data debt accumulated by students, not just graduates, and show the degrees and certificates students earn, the earnings for those specific degree programs, along with the percentage of graduates employed full time in Florida.

Repeat Checking – FAQs

Repeat Checking refers to how the University treats classes that you have taken more than once. If you repeat a class, there are implications for your GPA and academic level (freshman, sophomore, etc.).”