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Multiple Term Registration allows all undergraduate students to register for Summer and Fall terms at the same time. Students who, as of February each year, have declared a major and have a UCF GPA of 3.5 or higher (transfer courses are not included), will have the opportunity to register for the Spring term at the same time as the Summer and Fall terms.

How to Register

Click into your “Enrollment Appointment” box to view the semesters that you can enroll in and the days and times you can begin enrollment. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for dates and times when these will become available.

Once enrollment is open, register for the Summer term first, then the Fall term, and then the Spring term. This will help you meet any requirements needed for the later term.

You can continue to adjust your schedule online until the end of the first week of classes for each term. Don’t forget to consult your adviser when making changes to your schedule. Additionally, you should periodically check your class schedule to ensure that you are still registered for the classes you originally enrolled in.

If you’re having trouble getting into a class, go to your college advising office or your adviser to discuss options. Please visit the College Advising Offices for contact information.

Course Prerequisites

When registering for courses, you can use a course registered for in an earlier semester to meet the prerequisites for courses registered for in the future. If the prerequisite course is dropped, students may be dropped from the future course.

Additionally, if the minimum grade is not earned in the course, then you do not meet the requirements for the future course. You will need to notify your academic adviser and discuss options.

Fees & Payment Deadline

When it comes to paying for your courses, each term has a separate fee payment deadline. You can find the deadlines on the Academic Calendar.

If you are dropped for non-payment, your courses will be dropped from the current and any future term registrations. For example, if you are dropped for non-payment from your Summer courses, you will be dropped from you Fall and Spring courses as well.

If I don’t qualify, will it keep me from getting the courses that I want in the Spring?

Most likely not; only about 15% of UCF students qualify for Multiple Term Registration.

Colleges will have a better chance to monitor seats in classes for the spring semester. If they see that seats in a particular class are going quickly, this will give them the chance to add more seats or another section of that class before October.

You can still view Spring semester courses and can make plans for your Spring schedule. Seats in classes for the Spring semester will more than likely still be there when you register in October.