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What is Reverse Transfer?

UCF students who earned 30 or more credits at a Florida state college and have transferred to UCF without an associate’s degree may “Reverse Transfer” the earned credits from UCF and combine those credits earned at the Florida state college to complete an associate’s degree. This process makes it possible for students to earn an associate’s degree as they continue to work toward completing their bachelor’s degree at UCF without any jeopardy to their status at UCF.

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What are the benefits of Reverse Transfer?

  • An earned associate’s degree from a Florida state college partner completes the UCF General Education Program (GEP).
  • Better job opportunities while completing your bachelor’s degree at UCF and both degrees on a resume demonstrate broader skills and training.
  • The associate’s degree is the nation’s fastest growing work credential; employers recognize its value when recruiting and hiring.
  • Students who complete their associate’s degree are more likely and more motivated to complete their bachelor’s degree.
  • Sense of accomplishment and completion!
  • There is no risk! Even though hours earned at UCF are applied toward the associate’s degree, the hours earned at UCF still apply toward the bachelor’s degree.

I’m Interested—what is my next step?

  • Complete and submit the Reverse Transfer Agreement and Release Form by logging into the myUCF Portal.
  • Contact the Graduation Office at your Florida state college.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The state college will evaluate the courses taken at UCF and determine if they, with those already taken at the state college, meet the requirements for graduation.

There may be some costs associated with Reverse Transfer. Your UCF transcript will be sent to the state college free of charge when requested by the state college. Your state college may require a graduation application and/or fee. There may also be additional courses required to meet the degree requirements.

Courses may be taken at UCF if the courses required for the A.A. degree are available at UCF.

No, meet with a state college advisor to determine which courses may still be required to complete the associate’s degree.

Earning a degree is a major accomplishment! Your state college advisor will assist with completion of necessary applications for graduation.

No. An associate’s degree will be awarded if the combined UCF and state college credits satisfy the degree requirements, and all graduation requirements are met.