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Welcome to the University of Central Florida’s transfer student page. We hope that you will find the information below helpful during your transition to UCF. Please check back regularly, as we will continue to update this page to provide resources for transfer students.

You can access our transfer credit equivalency portal, which contains the current database of our established course equivalencies, by clicking the button above. Our database is always expanding as we continue to evaluate courses submitted by students.

Some notes about the information in the portal:

  • The information in the portal is derived from current transfer credit rules in the UCF system.  If a course is not included in the database, that does not mean it will not transfer. It means that your course(s) must be evaluated by UCF personnel.
  • This system does not provide program pathways or guarantee awarding of credit. Students interested in understanding how credits will fit into their majors should review the undergraduate catalog and work with their advisors to ensure that they understand what this information means for them.
  • Actual awarding of transfer credit will occur after official transcripts are received directly from the sending institution.

For more information, please see the resources below.

Questions? Please email