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No. You will usually have the option to repeat a course if you need to. Although most courses are not repeatable, students have the option to take them again. They just cannot count more than once towards the graduation requirements.

It might reduce the credits on your transcript IF you have repeated courses. If you haven’t repeated anything, you will not be affected by this change at all. Even if you are affected by this change, this will NOT affect your progress towards graduation.

Students with questions regarding their financial aid eligibility or how this may impact their continued eligibility should contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance. The office is located in 120 Millican Hall and can be reached via phone at 407-823-2827 or email at

The degree audit has always been filtering for repeated courses. The degree audit will continue to be, as it always has been, the tool that allows students and advisors to monitor the completion of and the remaining requirements for graduation. The degree audit is unchanged by this process. If you have questions regarding your progress towards graduation, please contact your college’s advising office.

Transfer credits will be evaluated for repeated classes. This includes multiple occurrences taken at one school, test credits that resulted in equivalencies for the same course, or the repeating of a class at UCF that was previously taken somewhere else.

Repeat Checking refers to how the University treats classes that you have taken more than once. If you repeat a class, there are implications for your GPA and academic level (freshman, sophomore, etc). However, and normally, repeated classes do not result in additional credit counting towards the degree.

A course that is non-repeatable is a course that cannot count more than once towards your graduation requirements. Most courses are not repeatable, and the catalog will confirm those classes that can be repeated. For example, if you take ENC 1101 more than once, only one the last attempt will be reflected on your degree audit. There are a small number of courses that are repeatable and thus, can count multiple times towards graduation. An example would be a music class that is a lesson.

Please visit here: You may call 407 823 3100 with additional questions about repeat checking.

Currently, UCF counts all attempts of a class equally. If you take a class three times, you will receive 9 credits for the class on your academic transcript even though only 3 credits count towards graduation on your degree audit. Beginning with the Fall 2015 semester, your transcript will report only the number of credits that are permitted by the guidelines in the catalog in the same way the degree audit does.

Your degree audit information will not be affected by this. Your progress towards graduation will not be affected by this change. The degree audit has always managed repeat checking. In cases where you may have taken the same course twice and did not use grade forgiveness, you will only see the course counting towards the degree once on the degree audit.

There are two reasons for this change. In order to accurately report progress towards degree and in order to comply with federal regulations that govern financial aid, this change is necessary.

Also, because the new audit is part of the PeopleSoft system where student records are processed, in order for the new audit to work properly, repeat checking needs to be occurring within PeopleSoft.

Since repeated courses will not count more than once as earned credits on your transcript, your total credits earned that appear on your transcript may change. In a small number of cases, academic levels will be impacted and thus, financial aid eligibility may be impacted.

No. The Grade Forgiveness policy remains unchanged. You will not receive credit for both occurrences of the same class on your transcript. Only the last class will count towards your degree.

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