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Academic Petitions helps students navigate the State of Florida’s and the University of Central Florida’s policies pertaining to academic record changes, curriculum file management, degree audits, and university-wide undergraduate graduation requirements. We strive to fairly apply these policies according to established guidelines and to provide a prompt response to your request. We also help faculty and staff maintain accurate computer records for advising and graduation certification.

What We Do

Assistance for undergraduate students with late drop, late withdrawal, medical withdrawal petitions and medical hold removal process.

Assess test and transfer credit for General Education Courses, Gordon Rule and/or Foreign Language

Administer university requirements waivers for issues such as summer hours and AMH 2020 within the GEP.

What We Don't Do

Please contact Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions.

Please contact the College of Graduate Studies for information regarding Late Add, Late Drop, Late Withdrawal and Medical Withdrawal for graduate students.

Please consult this listing for more information.

Please consult your academic advisor or the department in which the course is offered

If you have questions regarding or wish to request academic record changes, please contact us at