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NOTE: If you were recently denied undergraduate admission to UCF, and are seeking to appeal that denied admission decision, contact Undergraduate Admissions for more information.

The appeals process outlined below only applies to decisions made by the Registrar’s Office on Academic Record Changes.

Under university rules, you may appeal a decision on an Academic Record Change petition to the Admissions and Standards Committee, provided there is a legitimate reason for the appeal. A general dissatisfaction with the decision is not adequate grounds for an appeal. You must submit new information and/or additional supporting documentation not originally included with your initial petition to the committee for consideration. Thoroughness is extremely important to the appeal process.

The Admissions and Standards Committee generally meets weekly on Tuesdays to review student appeals. The Registrar’s Office must receive completed appeal paperwork by the Friday before the committee meets. The committee will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the request to determine if there is a basis for an appeal. You will be notified of the outcome within a week. If the committee decides that new information or additional supporting documentation is not relevant, your appeal will be rejected. If there is a basis for an appeal, you have the option to appear before the committee at the next meeting.

The committee will notify you of its decision by mail after the meeting. You can also visit (Millican Hall 161) or call (407-823-3100) the Registrar’s Office after 1 p.m. EST on Tuesday to receive the committee’s decision. Be sure to have a photo ID if you plan to obtain your decision in-person.