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  • Have you run a recent Knight Audit to ensure you are satisfying all graduation requirements?
    • If not, create one via your myUCF via the Student Self Service Center. For more information regarding the myKnights Audit, visit the Registrar’s website here.
    • If you have questions regarding your myKnights Audit, visit your academic advisor and review the information with them.

  • Have you filed your Intent to Graduate yet?
    • If you are sure you are meeting graduation requirements, complete your Intent to Graduate application  via your myUCF before your final semester.
    • If you are in your final semester and have not filed your Intent to Graduate yet, contact your Academic Advisor.

  • Have you enrolled in the required courses to complete your degree?
    • If not review your myUCF for your enrollment appointment and build your ideal final semester using mySchedule Builder.

  • Have you reviewed your Financial Aid to anticipate what you might be eligible for?
    • If not review the Office of Student Financial Assistance’s Program Eligibility Chart and compare it to your anticipated awards to estimate what you will be eligible for.
    • You can also visit their office and speak with a counselor.

  • Have you completed your college’s graduation requirements?
    • If not schedule an appointment to visit with your advisor. They can review information and work towards a solution with you.

  • Have you attended events on campus that will prepare you for life after college?
    • If not make sure to visit UCF’s Career Services for resources on career readiness. They also have an office located on Main campus with drop-in hours for resume and cover letter critique.
    • Don’t forget about preparing for finances after college by reviewing the Cent$ible Knight$ Financial Literacy program and workshops.

What to do the semester before graduation

  1. Once final grades are posted, run a degree audit through your myUCF and plan your enrollment in the courses that are listed as “NOT SATISFIED.”
  2. Meet with your academic advisor prior to your posted enrollment appointment time to review and confirm your enrollment plan.
  3. Review the Academic Calendar to prepare for the upcoming semester.
  4. Review the Office of Student Financial Assistance’s website to anticipate your awards based on your planned enrollment.
  5. If you have not already, visit the Career Services building to prepare for your professional life after college or get some graduate school application assistance.
  6. File an Intent to Graduate application through your myUCF.

What to do in your final semester

  1. Successfully complete the courses required for the completion of your degree.
  2. Regularly connect with your academic advisor to review your Intent to Graduate status.
  3. Monitor your Knights email to ensure you are reviewing all necessary information.
  4. Order your cap and gown.
  5. View commencement details here.