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The Knights Graduation and Grant Initiative is a university-focused initiative, housed within the Registrar’s Office, to assist graduating seniors who encounter a hardship (financial or otherwise) that is preventing them from finishing their degree. One of the main components within the Knights Graduation and Grant Initiative is the Knights Success Grant. The Knights Success Grant is structured as emergency aid and is not a regular scholarship fund. One of the most important criteria of this grant is exhaustion of all other forms of financial means, i.e. Federal Loans, grants, inability to pay out of pocket, etc.

The intention of the Knights Success Grant is not to simply provide funds to pay UCF tuition but provide much needed resources to a student to help ensure the eligibility in meeting graduation requirements. For example, awardees must complete a Canvas web course to provide helpful information regarding financial literacy and career readiness. Inquiries are reviewed individually and holistically, and, when needed, students are connected with campus resources such as academic advising units, the Office of Student Financial Assistance and Student Care Services.

The Knights Success Grant is referral based, and the grant is not guaranteed to all students who are referred or inquire. Recipients of the Knights Success Grant require students to submit a specified application, undergo a thorough review of their file and completion of the Knights Success Grant Canvas web course.

Want to know more? Review the Knights Success Grant webpage. If you have further inquiries, contact Heather Murphy at or visit the Registrar’s Office.