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You can verify your course modality for the classes you’re enrolled in by checking your schedule, which can be found in your myUCF portal.

How to View Your Class Schedule in myUCF

  • Log in to your myUCF portal, go to the Student Center and then select “Class Schedule” in the drop-down menu labeled “Other Academics.”
  • Click on the blue section number for the course you wish to review.
  • The class’ modality will be listed under “Instruction Mode.”

To view the modality of a course you’re interested in enrolling in, you can search for it using the “Class Search” function which can be found here:

Colleges have worked hard to create a stable schedule that is accurate at this time. We do not anticipate significant changes after July 1. Naturally, however, public health concerns and related issues could still lead to modifications. Students are encouraged to monitor their schedules in the weeks leading up to the beginning of the term. We also encourage you to stay in touch with your professors to promote a smooth transition in the event that course modalities must change during the semester.

In most cases, if the location in your schedule is listed as “TBA,” your class is online. In cases where days and times are also included, your class will be taught remotely but synchronously. This means that you will be expected to participate in course activities at specific times via video conferencing. If you have questions about your course modality, contact your advisor and/or your professor.

We encourage students to reach out to their college advising office if they have further questions or need clarification regarding a specific course. The contact information for each college’s advising office can be found here:

No. UCF will switch to remote instruction following the Thanksgiving holiday to minimize risk associated with a potential virus resurgence. Final exams and assessments will be remote. University operations will be normal, with residence halls, libraries, and study and dining spaces remaining open for student use. Because students are permitted to return to UCF Housing for the two weeks of the fall semester following Thanksgiving, no refunds will be provided to students who elect to not return to their residence.

If you become ill with symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and contact your primary care physician, who will determine whether testing or treatment is needed. Avoid contact with other people and follow the CDC’s guidelines regarding how to self-quarantine to prevent spreading the illness.

Students should have a plan for the possibility they may test positive for COVID-19. Residents will be required to isolate up to 14 days or until they receive medical clearance to return to their housing assignment. All residents must disclose to Student Health Services immediately upon notification of positive COVID-19 test status or contact from Florida Department of Health about exposure and instruction to isolate. UCF Housing and Residence Life has designated a limited number of spaces in Academic Year communities, Towers at Knights Plaza, NorthView, UnionWest and Rosen for UCF Housing residents who fall ill and are unable to travel to their permanent residence to isolate.

Faculty are being encouraged to plan courses so that students who fall ill will be able to continue in the class. In particular, attendance requirements have been discouraged, and faculty with a face-to-face component are encouraged to use a hybrid approach that can be available to students who choose to be or because of health requirements need to learn remotely. Review the attendance and makeup policy for each of your courses at the beginning of the semester and work closely with your professor if you need an illness-related accommodation.

In the circumstances you become seriously ill or must be out for an extended period and cannot complete the course, you may be eligible for an incomplete or medical withdrawal. Please review those policies here for further guidance: Incomplete Policy and Medical Withdrawal Policy. Please note that students who complete a course are NOT eligible for medical withdrawal.

The CDC has identified that certain individuals are or may be at higher risk for COVID-19 and for developing serious COVID-19 illness. See CDC information at:

According to UCF’s COVID-19 Return to Campus Policy, students, especially those at higher risk, are encouraged to continue remote learning, as appropriate for the time being. If a higher risk student is asked to return to on-campus learning (such as for a clinical training course) or is planning to return to on-campus learning as courses become available, you may make your higher risk status known to your program of study.

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