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Students can authorize the release of their records in two ways:

  • Come to the Registrar’s Office to complete a Records Release Authorization form. Complete it and turn it into the Registrar’s Office with a photo ID.
  • Go to and sign in using their NID and password.Then go to Student Self-Service > Student Center > Personal Information > Records Release Authorization.
    Follow the directions on-screen and create a new release authorization.
    On the next page, students will see a list of records for which you can authorize their release. This includes academic standing, GPA, and GRE test scores.
    Please list the name of the person or organization to release the records to and the purpose of disclosure.
    (Be specific about whom University faculty and staff can release records to and be specific about what we can talk about. Just saying “You can talk about anything” or “Everything!” is not specific enough.)
    If the student wishes to have records disclosed by phone, click the box for disclosure by phone and give a passcode word/phrase.
    If the student wishes to have records disclosed by email, write out the specific email address to communicate with and give a passcode word/phrase.
    When finished, click SAVE. This release is in effect until the student chooses to cancel it.