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According to FERPA, student grades must not be released or made available to third parties. UCF policy restricts instructors from posting grades in classrooms, or on Websites unless the student’s identity is concealed by a secure password-entry interface (i.e., myUCF). More information is available on the myUCF Grades pagelet. Faculty and staff may post grades by doing the following:

  1. Ask the student to supply a self-chosen code identifier. This identifier may be known only to faculty and their teaching assistant.
  2. Create and assign a list of randomly generated numbers/characters known and available only to faculty (or their teaching assistant) and the student.
  3. Ask each student to supply written, signed and dated authorization to use their UCFID to post grades. Then, post the grades using the UCFID numerals only. Faculty must store and maintain each student’s written consent.