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BlendFlex is a delivery model for selected face-to-face (P) and mixed mode (M) courses that combines the face-to-face, remote and online modalities. This approach allows faculty members to make modifications for their specific subject matter. We encourage you to contact your professor if you have any questions regarding how your course will be delivered.

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BlendFlex is intended to offer the maximum flexibility possible to accommodate a variety of learning scenarios. It allows students who wish to return to campus for face-to-face instruction to be allowed to do so. It also allows for those who aren’t comfortable returning or are not able to return to still be able to watch lectures taking place on campus and participate in class virtually.

With BlendFlex, you will have the following options of attending class:

  • Attending class on campus and in-person part of the time.
  • Attending remotely to live lectures using a videoconferencing tool (synchronously) or viewing the recorded lectures the other part of the part (asynchronously) when not in physical class.

For in-person class meetings, your class will be divided, and you will be placed into smaller groups of students that will meet the physical distancing requirements in the assigned classroom space. You will be assigned a class day and permitted to attend that one in-person class meeting per week. You cannot choose another day to attend in person; your only option is your assigned group day. When you’re not in class on the other days, you will “attend” class remotely either through a live or recorded session. Your professor will let you know which class sessions you should attend.

Attendance requirements for any BlendFlex courses will be mentioned in the course notes. Make sure to read your course syllabus and become familiar with your instructor’s attendance policies should you choose to not attend on your assigned day. Contact your instructor if you have any questions about the course or its attendance requirements.

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